elias green-bbq 08/11

i’ve to make this entry real fast again!

another driving lesson later! whee~!!!


last sat bbq party at jl’s baby, colin’s place

glad to see the guys click,most of time talking about army stuffs…haha

i prepared bacon with asparagus(tell me if it’s wrong spelling!) n also with enoki mushroom

very salty compared to my mum’s

didn’t know that teriyaki sauce need to be boiled or else probably my bacon will taste nicer

bbq partysome good news but kinda late thou..

obama won! the 1st black president! who says minority can’t win huh?

l.hamilton, the world champion! aww~~ i love him!!! he’s only 23, 1 year older than me!

my em3 student passed her english n maths! i’m not trying to say i’m a good tutor

i guess my talkings really “hit” her

seeing how her mum struggle with the tution fees every month,my heart aches

but seeing my student’s attitude, wanting to learn, to work very hard

i don’t mind giving out more time to help her


“we are not unfortunate, we are just the less lucky ones.” -hl

thanks hl!


time off

taking some time off wanting to upload those pics n yester pics

but photobucket is not working?! funny…

so unlucky..

guess frenz have to wait for me again

this blog is like collecting dust!

not as happening as it used to

not even a single comment

haha..dinner time!

loads of pics!

long time no see! been really busy,hardly on my PC

finally i had lots of pics taken recently!

k..i shall let the pics do the talking

trip to SP part I & II,

sp trip



















        jap friends in spore,together with senoirs n a new junior,

maiko & kouji














i feel bad not meeting up with kouji a few times more before he left 

his stay here was really short

n airport with hl…!

changin some enlarged nice pics,

@ tcc 























sorry gals! give me more time to upload these pics onto photobucket =P

i’m heading out to drive..cia0!

give me a break

after this thurs i’ll be more free,bear with it

fri am free again!hoho..skipped jap test

hopefully sensei won’t chase after me for taking the test

n hopefully i’ve date on fri,haha..

i miss the hols…

it makes my blog more happening!

i miss all the going outs

n esp going out with hl! i miss her so much!

hope i can meet her real soon

i wanna catch 20th century boys(at the same time train my jap listening,haha) n high sch musical 3!

craving for manhattan,buffets,spicy stuffs..aww~

i’m not a monster!

so coincidence that i bumped into cw studying at bb mac on wed

with his ultra thick organic chemistry text on the table,haha

actually i’m meeting joy to pass her pom notes

the wasabi meal’s tasty! esp the shaker fries!

1 bite of the fillet burger with its wasabi cream can make u feel the ‘instant feel’ in your nose

not bad,at least mac tried something new

k,just 1 pic of joy n the shagged me at the station…










jog,swim,cycle,volleyball,pulau ubin,hort park,sentosa

there are so many things i wanna do!


skipped jap class yester n went out the whole day

i need a break! after 6mths of continous jap class

late for kbox but lucky there’s free extension

i better update myself with songs esp duet songs,haha

i had floating pitch for most of the songs i sang

it’s been probably 9mths since i last sing,that’s why!

as always,the food is “eee”,haha n the portion is getting smaller

feel so bad n weird not studying much yester

i only managed to do 4 maths qns before going out,it’s so little!

instead after kbox,we went to shop 

ate macha icecream,my fave! tiramisu is not bad too =)

walk to ps from orchard for manhanttan but only realised the voucher can only be used in central after we settled down,haha

so headed to central n the place is alot nicer than ps!

i love the outdoor dining area! nice evening scenery n food(my 1st time eating seafood platter!)

before leaving central,we got to drink sake(i like!)

but was the 1st time for him

haha,managed to converse some jap with the person who served us,i’m glad! =)

Formula 1

the 1st ever night race in the world was held here!

didn’t manage to catch the 1st 2days on tv

but! on fri which is the 1st day,the sound of the engines can be heard at my jap sch which is at bugis

just the sound alone,i felt so high already!

yesterday finals was awesome!!!

lots of incident n penalty through out the race

especially massa! haha..

pulling off the fuel hose out of the pit n onto the track though he was given green light to leave

i support lewis hamilton! champion on 1st day n yesterday 3rd

he looks like obama! i suport obama too! haha

saw the pics on “breakfast meetup” entry? i took a pic with him!

ok..some pics taken last tues 23/9 in sch,